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Choosing an electric bike should never mean settling for second best. Award-winning Volt e-bikes match high-end looks with the most advanced electric technology around – at a price that’s realistic. All with an original British design and the finest components.

Quality electric cycles that look as good as they perform. It’s what we’re all about.

Shimano Steps Pedelec System

Thanks to a partnership with Shimano STEPS, our original range set the bar for UK electric bike design. And now, with our very own SpinTech™ drive system, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of e-bike technology.

Business Green Magazine Awards Finalist

Volt e-bikes are a greener way to get around than cars and public transport, and we’re taking steps to make sure they’re made in an environmentally conscious way too. We’re striving to reduce our production impact, and making our packaging using 98.6% sustainable products. In fact, we’re proud to be a finalist in the Business Green Leaders Awards.

Since our launch we’ve been recommended by everyone from national newspapers, the cycling press and tech blogs, to commuters, cycling pros and cynics alike. Check out our press page for the latest. Or for tips, offers and insights from the Volt team, head over to our blog.

Get to know the Volt Pulse, our flagship hybrid e-bike featuring the sophisticated SpinTech™ drive system

Introducing the Volt Pulse
hybrid e-bike




Is 2022 the Year of the Single-Speed E-bike?

January 14, 2022

Volt London going up hill

Being more catchy than an Ed Sheeran Christmas release, the growing appeal of e-bikes and widening audience for them makes the market a fast-changing picture. It should come as no surprise then that manufacturers are continually looking at ways to expand and diversify their offerings. 

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What does it feel like to have bionic legs? Our brand new single speed e-bike, reviewed

January 7, 2022

Volt London in Greenwich

First Ride of 2022? The Volt London in eBikeTips

Just 48 hours into 2022 and our e-bikes are sprinting out of the blocks, making headlines and turning heads!

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Pedal Power in East Ayrshire, Scotland

December 23, 2021

Burlington in Best of Scotland

No Experts Required!

E-bikes are opening up the outdoors and adventure to more people. Something that writer and self-confessed bike novice Alex Burns discovers while exploring unfamiliar territory for Best of Scotland Magazine on a Volt Ebike

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