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VOLT™ is a UK based manufacturer of e-bikes. Our bikes are all conceptualised, designed and engineered in the UK and ship with a 2 year "full peace of mind" warranty.

E-bikes are rapidly growing in popularity. Throughout Europe there has been an explosion in demand. Year on year growth is outperforming almost all other manufacturing sectors. By offering superior designs, quality and performance, VOLT™ intend to exploit this growth and remain a leading brand. Our emphasis is on producing the best electric bikes, but to keep the price tag realistic. Compare the specification, style and price of our electric bicycles to any of our competitors and you will see why VOLT™ is such a popular choice.

Our latest electric bike range is the best so far. We have added a number of technological enhancements which set new standards in the electric bike market. In conjunction with Bafang, our engineering team have developed the Worlds first silent Bafang electric bike motor. We have added quick release electronic cabling to make maintenance easier. We have increased the capacity of our 36v lithium polymer Panasonic batteries. Finally, we have made a few component and styling tweaks to make our bikes even more desirable.

VOLT™ bikes are designed and engineered to the highest quality levels. Our manufacturing and design processes are certified to EN 15194 & EN14764 quality standards and are also SGS guaranteed for further quality assurance. We are an environmentally conscious manufacturer and we continually strive to reduce our environmental impact within our manufacturing processes. We have made our packaging even greener and it's now produced from 98.6% sustainable products. We hope our business ethics, the bikes we produce and the quality assurances we give all help towards you choosing VOLT™.


Want to know what other customers say about our bikes?

Get to know the VOLT™ Pulse, our flagship hybrid e-bike featuring the sophisticated SpinTech™ drive system

Introducing the VOLT™ PULSE
hybrid e-bike




VOLT™ Batteries 101

January 18, 2019

Ebike Batteries 101 Animation

E-Bike Battery 101

When it comes to buying an e-bike, one of the most common questions people ask are about batteries.

How long will a battery last? What size should I choose? When / how do I charge it?


Who is T3 Magazine’s Best Electric Bike for 2019?

January 17, 2019

VOLT Pulse on T3

Another year has started and along with the resolutions and celebrity diet plans come the more useful “best of” lists. We love lists and the only thing we love more… is being featured in them!


“A Revolutionary Take On Cycling” says XEL Magazine

January 11, 2019

Volt Axis XEL Magazine Review

XEL begin the New Year in search of new ways to improve health and well being. Naturally, in doing so they came across our e-bikes and hear’s what they had to say…

“VOLT’s trendy and modern way of cycling may get you motivated to achieve your 2019 goals.”


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