Is 2022 the Year of the Single-Speed E-bike?

January 14, 2022

Being more catchy than an Ed Sheeran Christmas release, the growing appeal of e-bikes and widening audience for them makes the market a fast-changing picture. It should come as no surprise then that manufacturers are continually looking at ways to expand and diversify their offerings. 


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Want to See Some New E-bikes for 2022?

Just 7 months in and it’s already looking like another crazily busy year here at Volt. The consistently high levels of demand for our electric bikes continues an industry-wide trend that we’ve been seeing since March 2020. We’re thrilled that more people than ever are turning to better modes of transport but we’re never one to rest on our laurels and even now, we are working hard than ever to ensure that 2022 builds on the lessons and successes from the last eighteen months.