Expert Reviews: “The Best Folding E-bike”

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With great reviews comes great responsibility and Expert Reviews have built a reputation on independent, uncompromising accounts. So we were thrilled to see our Metro feature on their site as “best folding e-bike for long commutes”.

The explosion of electric bikes to the UK market shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, we’re seeing more and more mainstream media featuring and reviewing them. Reviews editor Jonathon Bray is one of the latest people to put one of our bikes through its paces…

Not only is it a great bike to ride, with great range and comfort but it also won’t break the bank

Two key things picked up in the review are the value for money and the Metro’s ability to deliver longer distances per charge.

I found it supremely comfortable for the 10.1 mile commute from the north-east to Central London and back out again

This thorough and detailed article is well worth taking the time to read over. Once you’ve taken a look at why not get in touch and arrange a test ride for yourself!

You can read the full Expert Reviews piece here