Two VOLT models in Best E-Bikes Under £3K List (2024)

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Close up of the VOLT Alpine

Ebiketips’ “Best Electric Bikes Under £3,000”

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We’re thrilled to hear that not one but two VOLT e-Bikes feature in their “Best Electric Bikes Under £3,000 2024”.

The Infinity Shimano STEPS and Alpine E-MTB, have been recognized in Ebiketips’ prestigious roundup, hand-picking these exceptional rides for their outstanding performance and value.

Infinity: Best Mid-Drive Hybrid E-Bike

Priced at £2,999, the VOLT Infinity stands out with its Shimano STEPS mid-drive system, offering seamless power delivery. Versatile and comfortable, it features hub gears, automatic shifting, wide tyres, front suspension, and practical accessories.

VOLT Alpine: Best Electric Mountain Bike

At £2,299, the VOLT Alpine is a powerhouse with its hub motor, designed for off-road adventures. With a hardtail frame and a 504Wh battery, it promises endurance and reliability even in challenging conditions.

Choosing Your Electric Bike

Ebiketips advises considering your needs and budget when choosing an electric bike. While hub-driven motors are common under £3,000, models like the Infinity offer enhanced performance. Expect standard features like hydraulic disc brakes and aluminium frames for durability.

Join the e-bike revolution with VOLT Bikes, where every journey is an adventure. Explore the Infinity and Alpine today for unrivalled electric cycling experiences.

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