Cycle2Work is a great initiative that helps employees save money and spread the cost of buying an electric bike.

Want to arrive at and from work feeling fresh and empowered? With a plethora of research, reports and articles, it’s likely you’ll already know the wide ranging benefits that E-bikes can bring to your daily commute. And with Cycle2Work you can enjoy those benefits for less!

All VOLT E-bikes are available on the scheme and we’ve highlighted the best route to claim your Cycle2Work e-bike below. You can also complete the form below and one of our team will get back to you to help you navigate the process.

Cycle2Work Ebike Purchase Journey


  1. Get Your Employer Code
    Employers signed up to a live Cycle2Work Scheme will help provide you with this.
  2. Choose your Volt E-bike and/or accessories
    Choose you model and accessories so you know the total value to apply for.
  3. Call Cycle to Work
    Call Halfords Cycle2Work on 0345 504 6444 + Press Option 2, then tell the advisor you are wanting to use the certificate to buy a VOLT electric bike.


Once you’ve got a certificate and/or ‘letter of collection’ it’s time to get pedalling!

  1. Visit
    Locate & add your ebike and/or accessories to basket
  2. Go to Checkout
    At the checkout click the ‘Redeem Here’ button under “Got a Cycle Voucher?”
  3. Select “Other Cycle to Work Certificate” & click ‘continue’
  4. Choose “Cycle2Work from Halfords” as your provider
    and enter the value of your certificate
  5. Upload a digital copy (or photo) of your certificate/letter of collection And complete the order form
  6. A member of the Volt team will be in touch
    before processing your certificate. The certificate value must cover the full price of the bike in order to be processed or the order will be rejected.

Need more information?

Send us a message through this form and we'll be happy to answer any doubts you might have about Cycle2Work.




Start a conversation with a trained advisor. Send us your email with any questions you have and we'll get back to you as soon as possible