We don’t all have the luxury of big sheds and large garages and when you invest in an e-bike you’ll want to keep it in a safe place. Volt storage/carry bags allow you to store your bike in a compact and tidy way. This allows you to store e-bikes in less conventional spaces, like under the stairs, spare rooms or in in the boot of a car. Not only will the bag protect the bike but it will stop any grease or dirt on the bike spreading to the area it’s being stored. It’s also a great way to transport the bike on a trip or holiday.

Volt Metro storage-carry Bag


This is the perfect accessory for your Volt Metro. Keep your house or car protected from any dirt with our compact carry bag. The Metro Carry/Storage Bag will fully envelope the bike in its folded state allowing it to be carried or stored more conveniently.

  • Size: 100cm x 100cm approx




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