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Dog on lap

January Blues? We’ve Got The Cure!

After all the fun and indulgences of the festive season, starting January can feel like smashing into a brick wall!

Whether you’ve embraced the start of 2023 with all the enthusiasm of Joe Wicks after an ice bath or you’re feeling a little more Jack Dee about it all, we think we’ve got something that will brighten up your day either way! 

Paws for Thought

We know that many of our wonderful customers don’t just enjoy exploring outdoors on their Volt e-bikes but also enjoy getting out with their four-legged friends. That’s why this month (timed with Walk Your Dog Month) we’re running a themed photo competition for you, your electric bike and your dawg! 

Yes, send us your best photos featuring your pooch alongside your ebike, and we’ll award our favourite photo with a Delta Phone Holder. We all love our animals at Volt and we don’t like to discriminate, so if you’ve got a pet that isn’t a dog and a Volt, we want to see those photos too…  

Visit our Volt on the Road page to submit and together we’ll chase away those January blues faster than a whippet chasing a squirrel!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with…