VOLT Electric Bikes – Winner at this year’s BikeBiz Awards

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VOLT directors with London electric bike

Following from our success with Best E-bike in the TechRadar awards, we’re thrilled to have picked up another trophy in this year’s BikeBiz Awards!

BikeBiz Award 2023 for Micromobility Brand of the Year

A resounding victory at the BikeBiz Awards 2023 sees VOLT Bikes crowned as the Micromobility Brand of the Year. Chosen by a discerning panel of 15 judges, this accolade reflects VOLT’s exceptional contributions to micromobility, blending innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity.

The team at Volt have worked tirelessly throughout 2023 to deliver great value on, and off, the saddle. We’ve launched several new bikes, with more to come, and have helped hotels, hospitals, and other businesses across the UK join the e-bike revolution. We’ve also built upon existing flexible finance options by forming strong partnerships with Blike and Laka, all aimed at helping riders get into the saddle and stay there. It’s great to see the team’s hard work recognised by BikeBiz, winning this award is a testament to them and Volt’s ethos of improving access to sustainable transport.

James Metcalfe co-founder and MD

Volt has consistently shown that they value rider input in the development of their bikes and stay within a friendly budget while doing so.

Rebecca Bland, freelance journalist

A Tailored Range for Every Rider

It’s been 13 years since we showcased our first e-bike. Over this time we have learnt and we’ve carefully developed a range of electric bikes catering to the diverse needs for a diverse audience. From the soon-to-be-launched 18kg LITE folding ebike (15kg sans battery) to the award-winning LONDON single-speed electric urban bike and an array of Dutch, Hybrid, Folding and E-MTBs, our aim is to provide a sophisticated, bespoke solution for every rider.

Safe, Smart, Connected Innovations

Our premium e-bikes, exemplified by the INFINITY with Shimano Steps E6100, showcase our commitment to innovation. Integrated features like GPS tracking, insurance-approved security locks, and safety elements like Tektro Hydraulic electric cut-off brakes and partnering with premium battery suppliers like Bosch, underscore our dedication to rider safety.

Sustainability at Our Core

Embracing a greener and eco-friendly ethos extends beyond the realm of cycling. Our dedication to sustainability resonates at the center of our values, exemplified by the use of plastic-free packaging that reflects our commitment to a more environmentally conscious future.

A Broader Range for a Broader Audience

As well as our customisation offerings, our collaborations with Deliveroo or the NHS reflect our commitment to individual preferences. Collaborations with institutions like TFL for the Scrappage Scheme, Cycleschernes, Energy Saving Trust, Finance and our innovative “Cancel Anytime Subscription” showcase our dedication to making micromobility accessible.

Promoting Inclusivity & Growing the E-biking Community

Our community-centric approach is grounded in the firm belief that mobility should be universally accessible, promoting an active lifestyle amidst the breathtaking outdoors for both physical and mental well-being (check out our E-bikes, Cats & World Mental Health Day about the power of Mental Health advocacy featuring Travis & Sigrid x Alexina Graham x Beder). Our ongoing posts emphasize how cycling serves as a powerful tool to foster inclusivity within our community.

We actively champion influential figures such as Caz Conneller and Georgia Yexley from Loud Mobility, amplifying their She’s Electric campaign to encourage more women to access and relish the advantages of electric bikes. Striving to establish a secure space for everyone, we are thrilled to have collaborated with David Allwood, aka Mr. Gay England, to promote micromobility adoption within the LGBTQ+ community. Stay tuned for more exciting events and news on the horizon.

This blog post wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging our unwavering support for The Wobbly Cyclist, a constant source of inspiration for us and our community. Karen, battling chronic health conditions like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, discovered a renewed sense of freedom through her e-bike journey.

Moreover, we had the privilege to collaborate with the incredible and inspiring individuals known as The Electric Cranks. By lending them a CONNECT and extending an exclusive discount offer, we aim to make ebikes more accessible to this dynamic and motivated cycling group of pre and post-op heart and lung outpatients. Most of these riders are ‘e-humans,’ equipped with Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAds), mechanical heart pumps powered by large external batteries, fostering a unique sense of camaraderie on electric bicycles.

Advocacy for Battery Safety and Regulations

Safety has and always be at the core of our electric bike brand. From, calling for better battery regulations on BBC News to actively promoting battery care and safety. 

In closing, we are overjoyed and immensely proud to celebrate this award. It stands as a meaningful testament, affirming that our efforts are moving in the right direction. This achievement fuels our determination to not only persist but also inspire other brands to connect with their communities, enhance sustainability practices, design bikes catering to diverse individuals, integrate cutting-edge technology into our ebikes, and uphold our commitment to supporting the NHS. We remain dedicated to providing accessible options for individuals to embrace cycling, prioritising safety and security in both bikes and batteries. Above all, our focus remains on recognizing the profound impact cycling has on our community, serving as a constant reminder to inspire not only us but also CEOs, politicians, decision-makers to contribute to a greener and more inclusive world.

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