VOLT Bikes Powers COPE Ltd’s Eco-Friendly Commute Revolution

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In the heart of Lerwick, a beacon of social responsibility and inclusivity shines bright through the endeavours of COPE Ltd. As a well-established and successful social enterprise charity, COPE is dedicated to providing employment and skill development for adults with learning disabilities or autism.

Beyond its role as a catalyst for individual growth, COPE operates as a thriving business, selling goods and services to individuals, local authorities, and private businesses. What sets COPE apart is its unwavering commitment to reinvesting all profits or surpluses back into the company, fulfilling not only its economic ambitions but also its social and environmental purposes.

Their mission goes beyond commerce; it’s about creating a supportive and inclusive work environment, free from stigma and discrimination. In this space, everyone is valued for their unique abilities, receiving the encouragement needed to fully participate in the bustling enterprises that define COPE. The organisation’s dedication is exemplified through a range of volunteer skill development placements and supported employee positions, nurturing growth and fostering a sense of belonging.

The principles of social justice guide, steadfastness in opposing prejudice and promoting fairness. The pursuit of excellence is not just an aspiration but a daily commitment to being the best for participants, staff, and customers alike. As a socially responsible entity, this registered Charity holds itself accountable, transparently accounting for its activities, accepting responsibility, and sharing results.

The COPE team

Encouraging Sustainable Commuting

A recent grant awarded to COPE covers the costs of establishing two bike stores at their main site in Port Business Park, Lerwick. These bike stores, similar to those provided for NHS Shetland staff and selected Hjaltland Housing Association sites, are designed to offer secure and dry storage for staff bikes. By facilitating safe and convenient storage, these bike stores aim to encourage their staff to choose cycling as their preferred mode of commuting.

E-Bikes for a Greener Tomorrow

As part of this transformative initiative, VOLT provided a VOLT Pulse and Pulse LS. These electric bikes are not only a sustainable alternative to traditional commuting but also serve as a practical solution for staff members navigating between different sites. Additionally, after a brief induction to ensure safe usage, these e-bikes will be available to staff for recreational purposes, further promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Community Collaboration

In line with our commitment to community engagement and social impact, the electric bikes were sourced through the Shetland Community Bike Project. Notably, the community project recently won Cycle Shop Champion of the Year at the annual conference hosted by Cycling Scotland, Sustrans, Cycling UK, and Scottish Cycling. In addition, the bike stores and signage were supplied by Shetland Composites and Artmachine, emphasising the collaborative effort within the local community to support sustainable initiatives.

The COPE team

Inspiring Positive Change

Lisa Johnson, a support worker at COPE, shared her enthusiasm for the new additions, stating, “Having the e-bikes and stores here will really encourage me to cycle more. Being able to use an e-bike through work is brilliant; I couldn’t afford to buy one myself at the moment, but having the opportunity to use one is really inspiring me to save!”

The VOLT team is very proud to be a part of COPE Ltd’s journey towards creating a more sustainable and cycle-friendly workplace. By supplying high-quality e-bikes and contributing to the establishment of secure bike storage, we believe in fostering positive change within communities and promoting the benefits of active travel. Together with COPE, we look forward to seeing more individuals embrace cycling as a green and healthy commuting option.