Deter thieves from stealing your electric bike.

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Stolen Bike only 1 wheel left
Who the F**k stole my bike!” by Janne Räkköläinen / CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s 2020, the start of a new year, the start of a new decade. Maybe you’ve got a new e-bike for Christmas, maybe you already have one and want to use it to exercise, explore or just get outside more. Whatever you use your electric bike for in 2020, preventing it from getting stolen will no doubt be a high priority for you.

With this in mind, we have compiled our top five tips to help protect your e-bike, deter bike thieves and hopefully give you more confidence in getting out more on your ebike…

Blend in with the Crowd

Avoid leaving your Volt in a too obvious and vulnerable area. Always leave your electric bike in a well-lit environment that is designated specifically for locking up bikes. One of the great things about Volt e-bikes is their resemblance to non-electric ones. This means when locked up securely among other bikes your e-bike will be less likely to attract the attention of thieves.

Take your battery out

Being one of the most expensive parts of an electric bike, the battery is the heart and soul of the bike. If the battery is stolen or severely damaged the cost of replacing it can be relatively expensive.  Removing the battery is a simple and effective way to help keep the bike unattractive to any potential thief.

Be Consistently Inconsistent

An expensive bike left in the same place for the same amount of time every day is something that could attract unwanted attention.

You could avoid this by frequently changing the location you leave your ebike. Even take it out for a spin at lunch and leave it in a different (secure) spot.

Double Lock

Do you think that one bike lock is enough to keep your bike safe from thieves? Never shy away from using multiple bike locks, the more the merrier!

Volt bikes have many safety features which help deter thieves from stealing your electric bicycle. One such feature is the ability to lock the back wheel making it impossible to cycle the bike. This coupled with the gold level PedalSure recommended chain lock will help you have confidence in leaving your Volt anywhere.

Get Techy 

Any extra security for your e-bike is good for your peace of mind. Attaching a GPS tracker like the Sherlock is one of many ways to do this. This neat piece of tech is installed around the handlebars and is easily connected via the Sherlock app which is on both Android and Apple devices.

100% Peace of Mind

While you can take lots of measures to reduce the chance of losing your bike, there is never a 100% guaranteed way to protect it. That’s why Insuring your Volt is something that will offer 100% peace of mind. One of our favourite e-bike insurance companies is PedalSure. They offer comprehensive cover specifically for power-assisted cycles. Volt customers can also enjoy special rates! Read more on the PedalSure E-bike Insurance here and learn how to insure an electric bike. Now offering 30 days FREE insurance with a 15% sign-up discount on Volt Bikes.