Tackling London’s Growing Air Crisis, One ebike at a Time

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Volt Kensingtons by Tower Bridge

Londoners’ air is under attack. With over 9,000 premature deaths and estimated costs of up to £ 3.7 billion a year to local health services (Londoncouncils.org.uk) there is a compelling need to re-fresh our capital’s air. The fact that 1 in 3 London schools are close to roads with illegal NO₂ levels makes the need for practical solutions more urgent than ever.

Impact AM, part of City AM, has joined forces with VOLT Bikes to address the challenges facing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) movement. To promote the adoption of e-bikes as a practical and environmentally friendly alternative for inner-city travel. This collaboration aims to spark insightful conversations and drive sustainable change in London’s transport landscape.

Improving London’s carbon footprint with VOLT

We’re here to help and tackle today’s challenge, London’s air pollution by offering British, hand-built e-bikes as a sustainable and accessible transportation solution. Through collaborations with organisations like TFL and the ULEZ Scrappage Scheme, we made sure that our e-bikes are more affordable and encourage their adoption.

The Influence of e-bikes on ESG policies

Promoting Electric Bikes for a Cleaner Capital

At VOLT Bikes, we actively promote sustainable transport strategies aligned with ESG goals, serving as a go-to resource for businesses seeking to incorporate e-bikes into their ESG policies. By integrating e-bikes, corporations can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and enhance employee well-being.

E-bikes as a means for change

Our e-bikes offer a practical solution to challenges faced by London commuters, with benefits including stress-free journeys, physical exercise, and financial savings. So we provide reliable e-bikes that enable riders to embrace sustainable transport and reduce their carbon footprint.

Evolving ESG

ESG policies have become integral to corporate strategies, and we emphasise the importance of sustainable transport methods, particularly e-bikes, in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting alternative commuting options. Partnerships with businesses like Deliveroo and the NHS demonstrate the positive impact of e-bikes on staff well-being, efficiency, and pollution reduction.

Sustainable partnerships

To tackle climate challenges effectively, strategic partnerships are crucial. Collaborations should focus on innovation, harness diversity of thought, and leverage existing services and knowledge to deliver innovative products. At VOLT Bikes, we actively seek partnerships with innovative firms (like GoRolloe, etc.) and community networks to enhance their e-bikes and create a greater positive environmental impact. Mass adoption of sustainable practices and comprehensive partnerships involving individuals, NGOs, and governing bodies further contribute to building a sustainable future.

Revolutionising London’s transport and driving sustainable change, our commitment to sustainability, practicality, and affordability reshapes the future of transportation. By embracing e-bikes and forming sustainable partnerships, businesses can contribute to a greener and healthier future while meeting ESG goals. We will continue to innovate and provide sustainable transport solutions, encouraging mass adoption, and fostering collaborations that appeal to a broader audience.

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