A Life Now “Open to Adventure” Thanks to Metro LS E-Bike

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There’s not too much to say here other than that we were all blown away by Karen’s Volt Lockdown Story, so here it is in her own words…

Chronic and painful health conditions, including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, fibromyalgia and arthritis mean limited mobility and my standard mode of transport is a mobility scooter or wheelchair. 

I hadn’t cycled in well over 15 years but in March I tried a Volt Metro at a bike fest event we were running and was blown away at how easy it was for me. I don’t have much muscle strength, so the lack of resistance in the pedals was a game-changer for me. 

I decided I needed an electric bike of my own and did a lot of research before settling on the Volt Metro LS. I wanted one that folded with ‘sit up and beg’ handlebars to keep the pressure off my shoulders, wrists and arms at the metro was the only bike that met all those requirements that had suspension, which was vital for my joints. 

I was immediately in love, even more so when I discovered the walk assist function which enables me to set off without having to push through the pedals; an absolute godsend, particularly on inclines! ‘Buzz’ and I were soon off on our cycling adventures! 

I work for an outdoor learning and adventure charity called Outfit Moray and we have a bike shop, Bike Revolution, as our social enterprise. Our manager was so blown away by the quality of my Volt electric bike that he immediately wanted to be able to offer them for sale and I have since taken ‘Buzz’ along to several ebike taster sessions and inspired others to get back to cycling. 

In July, I cycled 96 miles as part of Outfit Moray’s Summer Challenge, raising over £500 in the process and even joined some of my colleagues on their rides, including an electric mountain biking adventure up a local hill! My Volt Metro has opened up my world to so many new outdoor adventures.

All in all, I cycled over 380 miles in 2020, I still can’t believe I’m a cyclist (albeit an anxious, non-solo, wobbly one) and never thought I’d be out cycling on New Year’s day. 

Thank you for opening up my life to adventure!

If you’ve got a story of how a Volt bike has helped you over the last 12 months, we’d love to hear and share it – Get in touch via our contact page here

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