Woohoo! Sur-PRIZE for Our 1000th Trustpilot Reviewer!

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Richard with Volt T-shirt

Congratulations to Richard who completed our 1000th Trustpilot review last night!  To celebrate, we invited him over to our London Showroom for some Volt goodies! 

Volt Bikes Factory on ITV News Anglia


The one thousand reviews on Trustpilot takes our overall Trustscore to an “Excellent” 4.6. With Richard’s 5 star-review he wrote of his experience over two years with the “well-engineered” Infinity ebike and recognised how helpful our staff and support have been at a very demanding time for the bike industry as a whole… 

VOLT staff are supporting customers in trying times

I’ve had an Infinity Volt now for 2 years. There were issues with Shimano gearing system, and then the Shimano crank. But all done under guarantee by Volt. The lights have now packed up so it’s in for servicing again under the guarantee. The Volt staff have been really helpful, but there is a large backlog on shipping, which is out of their control. Brexit and covid related I would say. However the VOLT staff are keeping their sense of humour and The Infinity is a well-engineered bike.

4.6 Trustscore… 

Trustpilot’s TrustScore isn’t just a simple averaging of total reviews. It uses multiple factors like how recently they were written and the amount of reviews in total. 

4.7 from 243 Google Reviews

 It’s not just Trustpilot picking up the good praise either. Our Google reviews have an overall rating of 4.7 from a total of 265 Google Reviews 

So congratulations again Richard, and here’s to the next one thousand 5 star reviews!