E-bikes, The Camel Trail & the Blue Baby?!

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Camel Trail

Happy local bike shop day! We couldn’t let this day go without sharing a spotlight from one of our long-standing partners, Camel Trail Cycle Hire

Camel Trail Cycle Hire in the Spotlight

Based in the stunning county of Cornwall, Camel Trail Cycle Hire is a local shop for everyone, run by local cycling enthusiasts, keen to share the joys of being outdoors on two wheels. 

Show me the camels?!

Taking their name from a popular and iconic cycle route, the Camel Trail connects Padstow, Bodmin, Wadebridge and Wenfordbridge while taking in scenic views of the river Camel. Sorry to say, (as far as we know) there are no actual camels to be spotted on this route. Yet, the inspiring scenery and wonderfully pathed cycle track should be enough to avoid anyone getting the “hump”!

If you’d like to find out more about the route, cycle hire and/or buying an e-bike in Cornwall, https://www.cameltrailcyclehire.co.uk/ is full of really useful information. And if you’d like to find out more about the awesome Local Bike Shop Day initiative you can discover more at the Local Bike Shop website.

So without further ado, the spotlight…

1. What motivated you to open/run a bicycle shop?

Our shop has been family-run for over 30 years. Us, along with all our staff have grown up in Cornwall with a strong passion for cycling.

2. What makes your store different from others?

We specialise in bike hire and only sell what we use ourselves in the hire trade.

Volt Dealer Camel Trail

3. Where is the best/favourite location you’ve ever cycled?

The Camel Trail of course!

4. What is your favourite poison?

Sharps Offshore Pilsner

5. What about the Volt brand & range led you to stock them?

We were approached by a customer who had ordered a Volt bike and asked if we could assemble it for him. After assembly we took it for a test ride and were instantly impressed. We then got in touch and began to trial them in our hire fleet and have been using them ever since.

6. What is your favourite Volt e-bike and why?

We have an original Volt Metro (Nicknamed the Blue Baby) we have owned since we started with Volt, it is now used as our staff bike for commuting and is still going strong.

7. What is your top tip for anyone looking to buy an electric bike?

Try before you buy!

To find your local Volt E-bike dealer please visit our dealer network page or call one of our advisors on 020 7378 4728 and arrange your free test ride.