Get £300 off your E-bike in Leicester and Buy This Man a Drink! – Spotlight on Northside Bikes

BLOG   dealer spotlight   Get £300 off your E-bike in Leicester and Buy This Man a Drink! – Spotlight on Northside Bikes

Northside Bikes shop sign

Right now people buying an e-bike in Leicester and Leicestershire can claim a £300 voucher off their purchase!

Thanks to the reinstated County Council Ebike Scheme by Leicestershire Council, Leicesterians can once again enjoy a healthy discount when purchasing an electric bike from a local Bike Shop. 

With such a great initiative, we thought we’d take the opportunity to shine a light on one of our top Leicester dealers Northside Bikes.

Dealer Spotlight on Northside Bikes, Leicester  

1. What motivated you to open/run a bicycle shop?

I was looking for some extra work and loved fixing up bikes but with no vacancies at every cycle shops I tried, I decided to go it alone. Fast forward 8 years and I’ve gone from working out of a trailer part-time to running a 6-day week bike shop!

2. What makes your store different from others?

We always take time to talk our customers through the product and service they might need and help them to make an informed decision. This might be about the type of repair their bike needs, what accessories might be useful to them or the best new bike for them to buy to meet their needs.

We love customers leaving our shop with more knowledgeable about bikes and cycling than when they arrived

We also run lots of community projects: fixing bikes for free, teaching bike maintenance skills and taking people on bike rides.

3. Where is the best/favourite location you’ve ever cycled?

Melton to Belvoir Vale, it’s a horrible climb and the roads are not the best but the view you get at the end is incredible especially if you reach the top close to a summer sunset.

4. What is the funniest/strangest request you have ever had from a customer?

Can we sharpen their garden trowel. 

5. What is your favourite poison?

Anything you are buying!

6. What about the Volt brand & range led you to stock them?

The quality of the bikes and the care to make them practical for everyday riding rather than flashy bikes that are no fun to ride.

7. What is your favourite Volt e-bike and why?

The Kensington, it’s pretty and practical

8. What is your top tip for anyone looking to buy an electric bike?

Have a ride on a few before you buy and ask lots of questions about how the bike will suit your needs. Shop staff have loads of top tips and information to share and help you find the right bike.