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Poppies near Haslemere Cycles
Poppies in the sun gleaming” by sagesolar / CC BY 2.0
One of the many stunning views to be enjoyed on the South Downs, just a stone throw from Haslemere Motorcycles in Hampshire

Located close to the South Downs and Surrey borders Haslemere Motorcycles is a long-established award-winning dealer located in Whitehill, East Hampshire.

With over 40 years worth of experience and a large fleet of motorbikes Haslemere Motorcycles have built up an exceptional reputation and offer an outstanding service to their customers. 

With a shared enthusiasm for all things two-wheeled, they decided to extend their customer offering to include Volt’s 2020 range of Electric Bikes. We’ve been building a strong and rewarding relationship with Haslemere Motorcycles since 2016 and thought it was about time we shone the spotlight on them…

What motivated you to open/run a bicycle shop?

I had Saturday job at 14 in a bicycle shop and left school and worked there full time back in the early 80s after a few different jobs at different shops I was approached by my current employer Haslemere motorcycles in late 1999. Later we saw a gap in the market and with the background from my previous employment, we looked at electric bicycles. We knew that we wanted a good range of electric bikes, a quality e-bike with good quality component fitted and we found the Volt range to be a good value for money.  

What makes your store different from others?

Our store is different to others, we are a motorcycle shop and also sell Volt e-bikes. We hold up to 120 motorcycles in stock and also a good selection of Volt ebikes myself and Tom who also has previously worked in the cycle industry sell and advise customers on what Volt can offer.

Who’s in your team, and what do they do?

The team consists of Mark who is the Dealer principle, Mike sales executive & Volt sales, Tom after-sales manager and Volt sales, Sarah is office manager, Chris Service adviser, John, Mark, Sam, Morris, Dave technicians and Pav our valeter, it’s a really great team.

What has been your most rewarding customer experience?

We sold a Volt bike to an elderly man who had been a keen cyclist for many many years but age was starting to show, and he told us he found it hard to do the miles on his bike, so we sold him a Volt ebike and next time we saw him he told us it had changed his life as again he could go further on his Volt bike just like he used to do as a young man.

What is the funniest/strangest request you’ve ever had from a customer?

The funniest thing we have come across is a mature rider cycling uphill past a very professional group of younger riders and he started getting stick because he swanned by them much to their frustration and grumpiness!

Where is the best/favourite location you’ve ever cycled?

Very close to us is the Devil’s punch bowl. In Hindhead it is great for cycling off-road tracks if you get a chance, go!

What about the VOLT brand and range led you to stock them?

Price, warranty, quality, range and after talking to you guys….

What is your top tip for anyone looking to buy an electric bike

For anyone looking for an electric bike, test ride it first and use it, they’re great fun, cheap transport and good for your fitness.