A Travel Show Like No Other… on More4 (and a Volt E-bike)

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Siobhan McSweeney and Volt Kensington in Northern Ireland

What does a travel show in the midst of a global pandemic, and a travel traffic light system likely to stump even the likes of Alan Turin look like? 

Well, maybe a bit like this… 

Exploring Northern Ireland with Siobhán McSweeney 

Cork-born TV star Siobhan McSweeney has hopped onto a Volt Kensington ebike for a new four-part travel series that explores the landscape and culture of Northern Ireland.

The actress from Cork was catapulted into cult status as Sister Michael in Channel 4’s Derry Girls after the show went on to reach global audiences and win a number of awards, including several BAFTA nominations. 

In a recent press release, she confesses to “barely setting foot” in Northern Ireland before she started filming for Channel 4’s hit series Derry Girls. Now, she’s throwing herself into the landscape, people and culture, with a little help from an electric bike!   

A Classy E-bike for a Classy Actress turned Presenter!

Presenting the new Waddell Media series, McSweeney explores areas like Belfast, Strangford Lough, the Causeway Coast and, of course, Derry city. Immersing herself and reflecting on the diverse scenery, history and people of Northern Ireland. 

As she does so, the classic looking Volt Kensington can be regularly seen traversing effortlessly through the stunning and varied scenery of Northern Ireland. 

In the Media 

This must-watch travel series begins on Thursday 12 August 2021 at 9pm on More4 and has already caught the attention of the press. We’re thrilled to see that McSweeney was prepared to share some of the limelight with the Kensington too… 

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