Act Smart Features VOLT™ Shimano STEPS e-Bikes

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Act Smart featured us on their website due to being the first British e-bike manufacturer to partner with bike industry giant Shimano. Releasing a whole range of VOLT™ Shimano STEPS e-bikes is one of the first “steps” toward a long and successful partnership.

VOLT™ Infinity Shimano Steps” officially launched in early July 2015, with stock shipping at the end of this month. They’ve already taken numerous back orders and are very proud to be the first British e-bike manufacturer to partner Shimano on their e-bike motor technology.” – Act Smart

2015 has been an exciting time for us here at VOLT™. For the whole of last year we had been working on a bike design which would feature one of the most intelligent and efficient motors on the market. The Shimano Steps central crank motor.

With their experience of producing the highest quality bike components spanning over a hundred years, the partnership with Shimano over other brands was an easy one for us. Always striving to produce the best and most reliable products this partnership was one step in that direction.

Read their full article here.


 Shimano STEPS e-bikes lined up under Gazebo

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