BBC Radio Producer Commutes on Her VOLT™ Kensington!

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BBC Radio Producer Claire White is lucky enough to live in Shetland, an area of Scotland known for its varied terrain and natural beauty. Perfect territory, then, for an electric bike!

Every day, Claire hops on her VOLT™ Kensington and cycles to the BBC Radio Scotland offices. Her route takes her past some of the archipelago’s most scenic hills and shores.

“Shetland is a magical place to live and work,” the Out for the Weekend producer said. “The landscape is captivating…”

“…Although it can get a bit breezy, so it’s not a place to be precious about your hairstyle!”

The Kensington’s pedal assistance allows her to take full advantage of all that the area has to offer. Instead of focusing on beating the hills, Claire is able to enjoy the sights without getting too tired and out of breath.

Even in the windy Scottish weather, Claire remarked that she arrived at the office feeling fresh.

BBC Radio's Claire White commutes on her VOLT Kensington e-bike to her Shetland office

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