Bike Today News Features the VOLT™ Metro

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The white VOLT Metro folding e-bike

The New 2018 Model of the VOLT™ Metro is our best yet! It’s benefited from several improvements over the years. From its newly designed, sleek frame, upgrades to the bike’s technology and improvements to its ride quality, the Metro is in a class of its own.

The Metro was recently featured in a review by ‘Bike Today,’ a well-established consumer information and reviews website. 

The people at Bike Today praised the updated model’s improvements, making reference to how our groundbreaking SpinTech™ technology has resulted in a performance that’s better than ever. The SpinTech™ BMS intelligently manages power distribution between battery and rider, seamlessly integrating both to make your ride more natural.

They also gave a nod to the Metro’s multi-function LCD display, which allows the rider to seamlessly swap through four power settings or select an “automatic” mode, as well as its unique continuous-spin 250 Watt motor.

One thing that has remained throughout the evolution of the Metro is our commitment to using the latest technology in delivering the most convenient, ergonomic and efficient performance.

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