Carry On (E-)Biking – Camping & Caravanning Club Review

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Volt Metro by Greenwich Naval College

As the Summer bank holiday fast approaches, camping and caravanning is about to hit peak season. And with so much sunny weather about, it looks like a picture-perfect summer for campers and caravanners alike. 

One of the many great advantages of having a portable base camp is the freedom of the open road. To put rubber to tarmac and see where the whim leads you. The revolution and, for many, the revelation of e-bikes means that this same freedom can be continued after the tents have been pitched or the caravans have been hitched up. 

Whether it’s supply run to the local village store or to explore a nearby attraction, the convenience and efficiency of electric bikes make it the perfect, if not essential partner to head out with.

Best E-bikes Reviewed in Camping and Caravanning Magazine

Cycling is at the heart of the Camping and Caravanning Club, which was founded in 1901. In fact, it was created by a group of cycle campers who loved to go out and explore the UK. 

Fast forward 121 years and it’s no surprise that this friendly club, is reviewing electric bikes for its 700,000 plus members. 

Writing in the July issue, David Guest provides a useful and practical insight into some key models available now in the UK. And topping the list of reviews is our ever-popular, foldable ebike the Volt Metro

…the idea of having such a bike but with the bonus of electric propulsion is certain to strike a chord with many [campers & caravanners]. One of the most impressive is the Volt Metro.

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