E-bikes and their “Moment With Londoners” in the Evening Standard

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Metro LS Review on the Evening Standard

Metro LS review in the Standard

It’s not just Londoners who are jumping on the electric bikes. Not only are we taking orders from across the breadth of Great Britain, we’ve had enquiries from across the globe! Portugal, Belgium, South Africa, US and Canada just to name a handful. At present, however, we only ship within the UK, but it’s great to see our that name is reaching out across the world!

In this latest review, Evening Standard journalist Laura Hampson puts our Metro LS through its paces.

E-bikes can generally be quite bulky and heavy, but could Volt’s folding Metro LS Commuter E-bike be the answer for London workers? We put it to the test.

This is a really comprehensive review. From design and ride performance to pricing and tech talk, Hampson leaves no stone unturned. And her conclusion?… Check out the full Metro LS Review here.

Evening Standard Metro LS Review article screenshot

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