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Volt London in Bishopsgate

While the growth of the electric bike industry has been well-documented for a number of years now; e-bike subscriptions are a relatively new but burgeoning aspect to the British market.

With e-bike safety becoming an ever-pressing topic, it’s never been more vital to invest carefully in reputable ebikes with a proven track record. The emergence of the subscription e-bike market means that people can not only enjoy a more manageable way to enjoy power-assisted cycles but it also allow them to test the market, enjoying the latest and greatest without the significant outlay. 

Best Electric Bike Subscription Service

Always ahead of the curve, in a recent article, eBike Tips have shared their ever-insightful thoughts, with a Best e-bike subscriptions list. And VOLT have once again made the cut!

If you want flexibility, this is a pretty enticing service,

Veteran e-bike reviewer Rebecca Bland takes time to explain the details of this new and varied field before breaking down the offerings and nuances of individual brands offering subscription or rental services. 

As one of the earliest brands to bring electric bikes to the UK, we’re proud that we were also one of the earliest manufacturers to lead an e-bike subscription service.

If you’d like to find out more or would like to try out our ebike range for free, why not book your free test ride today.

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