Enter Stage Right: Kensington, the First E-bike on a British Soap?

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EastEnders screenshot

As one legend made his exit, another legend in the making made its first appearance in Albert Square.  Yes, for the sharp-eyed viewers of the gargantuan soap opera that is EastEnders, a glimpse of our best-seller Volt Kensington as it made a guest star appearance on the show. 

Of course, this is a Beeb production and all branding on the cycle had been removed to avoid any identifiable product placement. But for fans of the show and of Volt there was no mistaking that signature sky blue shape of the Kensington seconds before those iconic “doof doof’’ end credits! 

Broadcast on the 22nd January, as long-standing character Ian Beale (played by Adam Woodyatt) appears to make an ominous departure from Walford East tube station, our familiar e-bike quietly stands, parked in the background. 

It was an exhilarating ending for our Volt team after an already exciting day on set sharing the many benefits of E-bikes with the actors and production team. Having been around for over ten years now, we’ve witnessed first hand the change in culture towards pedal-assisted bikes in the UK. Making what must be one of the first appearances of an electric bike on a British soap opera is a clear sign of just how embedded they really are and also reflects the growing demand for greener transport and technology by the public in general.