Folding Electric Bike Volt Metro Cruises into a “Different League”

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Volt Metro at Naval College

Here are a couple more press reviews, this time the Metro is out on the open water but will it find itself out of its depth or cruise past with flying colours?! 

Tried & Tested, Volt Metro in Towpath Talk & Yachting Monthly

Two recent reviews are all about life on the open water. While Yachting Monthly explored the ‘onshore’ potential of Volt’s flagship folding e-bike, Towpath Talk took to the banks of the Humber to put it through its paces!

Life on the British waterways can mean a lot of different things to different people, but every ship, boat, barge and yacht have to moor up somewhere at some point. And that’s when a compact, yet powerful e-bike like the Metro or Metro LS might just come in handy! 

Whether you need to head inland for supplies or just fancy a day ashore exploring further than you could on foot a power-assisted cycle opens up a world of possibilities. 

You can read the full Yachting Monthly review article here or download ebike article PDF:

The Towpath Talk article is available below…

Towpath Talk