Guardian Features Pulse for Age of the Ebike Article

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An iPad features The Guardian's article with a photo of the VOLT Pulse

The age of the ebike has arrived!

It’s a bold title, but we think The Guardian got it absolutely right. With ebikes’ endless versatility, convenience, and “that extra oomph,” it didn’t take long for the publication to realise the benefits of getting on two wheels. And better yet, they’ve named our VOLT™ Pulse amongst their top picks to get you cycling.

Electric bikes, or ebikes, are a great solution for non-cyclists. You can enjoy exercise as you pedal on the flat, but the onboard battery can bolster your effort, making hills manageable – and quicker – without reducing you to a puddle of sweat.

Our electric hybrid’s reliable power was enough to win them over.

Pedal assistance is very smooth – so much so that you may fool yourself into thinking you’re doing all the work.

With high-quality, branded components, the Pulse offers peace of mind both on and off the road.

The parts here, including disc brakes, are excellent, meaning less adjustment and maintenance.

A choice of frame sizes and battery capacities makes for a ride that’s comfortable and efficient, guaranteeing plenty of mileage to go along with it.

Read The Guardian’s full article here. Book a test ride to try out the Pulse for yourself.