Kensington E-bike offers a touch of class for Marchioness of Bath

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Keen-eyed viewers of the BBC hit series Animal Park may have picked up on Lady Bath’s new set of wheels on yesterday’s show. 

In episode 6 of the Summer 2020 series, the Marchioness of Bath arrives on an e-bike draped in flowers. She is greeted by Ben Fogle who compliments her on the floral customisation of her new electric bike. And the bike in question? It’s the Volt Kensington in cream. 

Animal Park is a very popular TV series that has been running since 2000. Presented by television royalty Kate Humble and Ben Fogle, the long-running show follows the daily dramas that unfold in the grounds of Longleat. Longleat is a 9,800-acre estate that was the first in the UK to be opened to the public on a commercial basis in 1949. Today, over 900 acres of it is a safari park and home to around 500 animals who feature daily in the BBC series. 

With so much space and so many creatures to oversee, what better way for Lady Bath to get around on than the Volt Kensington?!