Kensington, One of Five E-bikes Tried & Tested in the Telegraph

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Telegraph Best Ebikes Tried and Tested

“Instagram-Worthy” Kensington Electric Bike Reviewed

It’s official, e-bikes have gone “mainstream”. It’s not just us saying it either, broadsheet papers like the Telegraph are recognising the meteoric rise of the electric bike too!

In last weekend’s edition, the Telegraph ‘tried and tested’ our popular Kensington, alongside four other power-assisted bicycles.

Titled “The best e-bikes to get around on after lockdown” the article also features a number of references and quotes from the Volt owners. Our personal favourite quote comes from James who said

It’s every kid’s dream – a bicycle with a motor on it

The Kensington review by Madeleine Howell posed the question of whether this ‘Instagram-worthy’ bike could live up to the hype? We can only conclude that the answer is yes, as she ends the review with “all I know is that I want it”! If that’s not a glowing endorsement, we’re not sure what is.

You can still read the full article by visiting the Telegraph site here.