Volt E-bike gets Pulses Racing in the Manchester Evening News

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Manchester Evening News Pulse Review

The Manchester Evening News (MEN) has been publishing in the UK’s third-largest city for just over 150 years! It has built a reputation in providing readers with independent news that’s relevant to the people of Manchester and Greater Manchester.

We are really happy to see such an esteemed paper take in interest in the Volt Pulse as journalist Justin Conolly took this best selling e-bike through its paces.

On loan from one of our top dealers Harry Hall Cycles, Justin took the Pulse through a variety of terrains and environments.

But it’s on the hills where the Pulse really comes into its own – the dreaded heavy calves and burning thighs simply never come.

Justin continues, pointing out that this makes people (himself included) more likely to cycle more regularly.  

In this comprehensive review of the new 2020 Volt Pulse, MEN concludes with a reflection on the future of e-bikes on the streets of Manchester…  

“Which is why it isn’t hard to imagine these things being ever-more common on our streets over the next few years as we try to move away from burning things to get around. It’s a future I, for one, am looking forward to.”

It’s a powerful thought to finish on and one we couldn’t agree with more! Check out the full article below… 

Manchester Evening News Article