New Pulse E-bike Gets 4 out of 5 Stars From Tech Advisor

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Volt Pulse

While the revamped Pulse continues to draw attention, Tech Advisor editor Jim Martin has been giving the reincarnation of Volt’s bestseller detailed and thorough inspection! 

As a popular bike, a lot of thought, care and consideration has gone into developing our latest Pulse model. So conclusions like the quote below, really make it all worthwhile!

With top build quality and good specifications, the Pulse is a great e-bike

Naturally, Jim Martin goes into a lot more detail in his article. And it’s well worth the read, as he goes to great length at covering all aspects and features of this greatly anticipated ebike.

As part of tech media giants IDG, Tech Advisor is exactly the kind of publishers we want to be getting feedback from. As a world leader in technology news and reviews, we’re so thrilled to be getting verdicts like this from such a globally respected source in technology. 

A great choice for anyone looking for an electric bike for commuting or touring in the UK

Check out the full review and details in their Volt Pulse 2021 Review here.

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