Nine out of ten ain’t bad from Cycling Weekly!

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This week, magazine giant Cycling Weekly have published their first ever e-bike review and guess who they decided to feature? That’s right, it’s us and we’re thrilled because not only did our Infinity Shimano STEPS bike feature in this greatly celebrated publication but it was also awarded a nine out of ten score!

In the article, journalist Nick Busca shares a detailed and discerning account on electric bikes, the VOLT Infinity and its Shimano STEPS system. It goes to great lengths at detailing the features and uses of the Infinity’s components and technology. The article also features a useful video that reveals the experience of riding an e-bike for the first time.
We felt honoured that Cycling weekly chose one of our cycles for their first e-bike review and to receive a 9/10 score left us feeling very inspired. But you can rest assured that we’re keeping our nose to the grindstone. Continually improving our technology, design and value in our ambition of a 10/10 score next time!
Of course, we do already receive a number of perfect scores from our customers. A glance at the customer reviews on Trust Pilot will reveal that nearly 86% of verified customers give their VOLT purchase 5 out of 5 stars. While we love a glowing review in a publication or on a TV show; for us it’s the customer’s review that matters most and it’s their endorsements that drive us forward!

You can see the review on the Cycling Weekly website here and you can find more reviews and media coverage on our press page.

Review of Infinity in Cycling Weekly