Review: The E-bike that’s a winner with Good Housekeeping

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Volt Pulse in the Park

This Month, The Good Housekeeping (GH) Institute tasked a panel of experienced e-bike cyclists to search and test for the best e-bikes for going exploring in the outdoors.

A Thorough and Transparent Review

In this great, in-depth and open review Good Housekeeping offer a detailed insight to e-bikes and their own reviewing process. 

In addition, each model was also tested for performance, design, practicality, ease of use and comfort. Bikes were even marked on the instructions that came with each bike.  

The LS is the low-step version of our flagship and bestseller the Volt Pulse. While both ebikes are hybrid models and able to easily tackle a variety of terrain, the riding style is where the difference between the two cycles is really felt. 

Sporting the same powerful, easy-to-use features as the flagship Pulse, it’s the convenience of the Pulse LS frame and the comfort in the saddle that makes it an extremely popular alternative. 

The original Pulse has always caught the eye of reviewers and award judges, so it’s wonderful to see the sister model get a turn in the limelight!  

You can check out the full review and see the other results on the Good Housekeeping Institute website here. 

Or discover for yourself by arranging a free test ride with one of our UK dealers.