Tech Advisor Sees a Pivotal Moment For Electric Bikes

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Tech Advisor Perfect Moment to Get Ebike

In a recent Tech Advisor article, editor Jim Martin acknowledges the extraordinary times we’re living in. Highlighting the lockdown and social measures currently implemented across the UK, Jim Martin argues that now is the right time to invest in an e-bike.

In making his case he shares advice on what to look for, budgets and common misconceptions when buying an electric bike. The article is a comprehensive assessment of the times we find ourselves in and gives an equally measured insight into the world of power-assisted bicycles.

From batteries and weight to practical questions like “can you ride e-bikes in the rain?” All concerns and queries are addressed.

Naturally, Volt are taking Corona Virus outbreak very seriously. We have taken every measure to ensure both our workers and customers remain safe during these unprecedented times. You can read more about the measures we’re taking on our COVID-19 page. We also feel honoured to be able to play our part too, enabling people to keep active, healthy and safe. And of course, we are pleased too that Tech Radar recognises the importance of the British E-bike brand Volt at this time.