Tech Radar’s Verdict on the All-New Volt Pulse E-bike

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Volt Pulse with reflection

As a British digital publisher with a global reach, including editorial offices in the UK, US, India and Australia; Tech Radar’s reputation for thorough, yet incisive reviews form the backbone of their popularity. 

So how would our brand new 2021 Pulse fair after being put through its paces?

Volt’s latest hybrid e-bike delivers “spot-on” results with a strong 4 Stars

The new 2021 Pulse electric bike is so new, it’s not hit the shops yet, with the 18 inch frame due for release in July/August and the 20.2 inch frame in August/September (2021). Needless to say a lot of thought, work and love has gone into what has always been a flagship model for Volt. So we were all on tenterhooks ahead of Tech Radar’s technology specialist Rob Clymo’s verdict… 

As you’d expect from this highly respected publisher, this is a thorough no stone left unturned, review and we were thrilled to get a strong four-star rating!  

This is a great cruising bike, with the hybrid design providing a perfect blend of battery and pedal-power along with a comfy saddle, spongy tyres and great handlebar combination.

The great things about reviews of this calibre is that you can delve in as deeply or as lightly as you like. The information is laid out really well with a nice “two-minute review” for those who don’t want to get bogged down in the detail and get an overall impression. 

Folk who like to go over the fine detail won’t be disappointed either, as Rob Clymo gives a very thorough and real account of his impressions while using the Pulse. 

impressed with the overall design and build

With pre-orders flying in already, the new-look Pulse looks set to continue its popularity with e-bikers and commuters. You can check out the full review on the Tech Radar site here. If you’d like to find out more about pre-ordering the Pulse please  get in touch today.