The “neater” e-bike choice for 2022 – Tech Advisor Review

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A new month, a new 2022 review! This time it’s the latest Volt Pulse featuring in Tech Advisor’s Best Electric Bikes for 2022.

In this latest review, Editor Jim Martin highlights twelve of his top electric bike picks for the year ahead. From folding to touring e-bikes, from budget models to state-of-the-art, sell your car to invest models! The comprehensive and well-considered list provides a great cross-section of styles, tech and budgets. It even offers a brief Buying Electric Bikes guide at the end of the article, to help readers recognise what they might be looking for when picking out a model that’s right for them. 

One of the most striking things about the list (for those of us who were around pre-e-bike revolution at least!) is the diversity of models detailed. It’s fair to say that today there is an ebike for every type of rider and every budget. And the budget really comes into play when you calculate the travel cost savings these new wheels can bring to the average commuter. 

The Volt Pulse was highlighted for its powerful motor, ease of use and comfort in the saddle. Depicted as a great touring e-bike, Jim Martin also picked up on the evolution of our flagship model. 

One of the big changes is that the battery now slots into the frame, making it much neater

As a British brand and manufacturer that has been around for over ten years now, it’s inspiring to see just how far the industry has come and the incredible choice now available to customers. We’re so excited with the latest Volt 2022 Range and feel even more inspired to develop our range further in the years ahead, as the nature of travel, commuting and life in general looks to greener and friendlier roads ahead!

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