The “Rare & Unique” Axis Gets an In-depth Look by Electric Bike Report

BLOG   press   The “Rare & Unique” Axis Gets an In-depth Look by Electric Bike Report

Electric Bike Report is a global outlet founded and run by professional riders. It’s one of the best ways to find out the latest news, reviews and guides on E-Bikes. Naturally, we were thrilled when EBR asked to review the VOLT™ Axis for their website.

We loved reading all the positive feedback from cycling journalist Richard Peace as he concluded:

‘For commuting trips in a busy urban environment that features plenty of hills the Volt Axis looks like an e-bike to add to the ‘must try’ list.’

He estimated that the Axis would manage thirty five miles daily on his hilly roads and on the more gentle surroundings, it would be around fifty miles. He also noted how the fold allows its users to conveniently squeeze this vehicle onto a busy train which, let’s be honest, are a very common occurrence.

‘The ride quality from the Shimano Steps system is superb and the quick and easy fold adds a very handy extra level of usefulness that you don’t get on most e-bikes that feature this high quality of electric-assist.’   

Indeed, we’ve designed the folding to be incredibly easy and it only takes two steps.

If you’re looking for a high-end e-bike with maximum convenience and comfortable commuting, the Axis is the way to do it!

To view Electric Bike Report’s full review in the EBR article here,  and click here for more information on the VOLT™ Shimano STEPS Axis . Or get in touch to arrange a test ride