Volt Director in Evening Standard’s Guide to Cycling in London

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As the government starts to ease the lockdown, many of us who spent most of the pandemic working at home or furloughed now face the prospect of returning to the workplace. This has left many city workers, who would normally jump on overcrowded trains and busses, facing the tough question of “how do you get to work safely?”

Well, the Evening Standard believes the answer is cycling. In a recent article, they published an in-depth guide of everything you need to know about cycling around the city in the days of COVID-19. 

To write this guide the Standard’s Laura Hampson interviewed several experts from the cycling world to get their advice. This included an interview with Volt director James Metcalfe. As one of the experts assembled, James talked about the role that electric bikes can play. He points out how electric bikes can be easier for someone who’s not a frequent rider and allows people to cover longer distances and “don’t have to arrive at your destination red-faced, in need of a shower and change of clothes”.

a new golden age for cycling

He goes on to say how Volt has experienced a surge in interest in the last two months. This seems to be a shared experience with most other bike shops, many of whom have been overwhelmed by the amount of purchases. If this trend continues we might be about to witness, as Prime Minister Boris Jonhson put it, “a new golden age for cycling”.

The article is full of great tips and advice not just for those living in and around London but also for those working in towns and cities across the UK, so be sure to check it out the full Evening Standard article here.

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