VOLT™ Director Lyle Metcalfe is interviewed by Engineering and Technology Magazine

BLOG   press   VOLT™ Director Lyle Metcalfe is interviewed by Engineering and Technology Magazine

Riding the VOLT pulse hybrid e-bike


Engineering and Technology’s Alf Anderson after being bypassed by two ladies on electric bikes while cycling up the Col d’Iseran. Which is no easy feat mind you as the highest paved road in the French Alps at 2,764m. Alf decided it was time to learn more about the advantages of electric bikes….  

riding volt pulse hibrid ebike by Cow and claf, Ilkley

“E-bikes have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. From big clunkers with motors the size of a small suitcase they are now easy to mistake for a ‘regular’ bike.”  – Alf Anderson

To find out as much as possible about the exciting new technology behind the improved pedelecs Alf sat down with the Director of VOLT™ Lyle Metcalfe.

According to Lyle “For exercising, e-bikes are excellent, allowing you to choose your own level of effort. With variable levels of assistance, you can simply choose how much effort you put in.”

“On VOLT™ bikes, for instance, you can choose from levels 0-5, with zero being no assistance from the motor at all, five being maximum assistance; even at assistance level five you can still pedal a bit harder to cycle faster.

“It’s been statistically proven that e-bikes get up to seven times more usage than conventional cycles, so it is arguable that you get more exercise on an e-bike.”

You can read the whole interview here.

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