Volt Infinity has the smart-tech edge for TechRadar

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TechRadar Volt Infinity Review

We couldn’t be happier with the stellar review TechRadar’s Rob Clymo has published for the Volt Infinity, praising the “commendable job of making an aesthetically pleasing machine”. Indeed he seems to agree with our ethos that electric bikes shouldn’t look “too electric”, featuring elegant looks while delivering big performance levels.

This hybrid, central crank-powered ebike comes packed with smart-tech and the best components. Rob goes on to list some of the more notable ones like Schwalbe puncture-resistant tyres, SR Suntour NCX suspension and 418Wh Sony Battery that delivers up to 70 miles per charge. Read the full specs yourself here on the Volt Infinity page.

It’s a heady cocktail of quality components

The Shimano STEPS system goes on to supercharge the Infinity’s sophisticated technology and make it a pleasure to ride. The Alfine DI2 gear system along with dynamically delivered pedal assistance make this bike a dream to ride, all at the touch of a button. Rob also seems delighted with the walk-assist mode which allows you to effortlessly ‘walk the cycle’ and in his words  “proves invaluable if you’re on the way back from the store with the bike laden down with groceries”.

Tech Radar are a well established and trusted resource for the latest news and reviews. We’re thrilled to get such a favourable review from such an established name. For more on this and other features, be sure to have a look at TechRadar’s review here.

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