Volt Metro: “the Audi of bikes” for The Spectator

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The Spectator Volt Metro review

Commuting on public transport in the winter always feels like a chore! From travel disruption to dodging the colds and sneezes, it just isn’t a fun experience. You won’t be surprised to hear that we think e-biking is a genius and fun way to avoid commuter misery, not just in the winter but year-round! 

Fortunately, The Spectator’s Tom Morgan has been testing out one of our most popular commuting solutions… the Volt Metro. As he points out, the Metro is “pitched directly at the commuter looking for a great quality, compact electric bike at a competitive price”.

As we often say, it’s not just the relief from the crowds and congestion that make our e-bikes a great mode of transport, it’s the joy of riding them too. Something that Tom Morgan is quick to point out about the Metro.

It’s fast, comfortable, solid and fun

Tom goes on to say how the tyres and suspension allow the Metro to be more comfortable and stable than what you associate with folding bikes. He makes a fair point that it looks unassuming, as you’d probably prefer for a commuter electric bike, but has plenty of performance and acceleration. Furthermore, he praises Volt for taking security seriously with the inclusion of the built-in Abus wheel lock, which is “surprisingly effective”.

I think this is a very well priced bike when compared to the rest of the market

We really loved hearing his verdict, that the Metro is “like the Audi of bikes – practical, safe and solid as a rock”. You too can put this to the test by booking a test ride today.

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