VOLT™ Pulse Makes The Independent Tech Editor’s Wish List!

BLOG   press   VOLT™ Pulse Makes The Independent Tech Editor’s Wish List!

As the holidays quickly approach, it’s no surprise that e-bikes have risen to the top of wish lists this season. We’re over the moon that The Independent tech editor Andrew Griffin named the VOLT™ Pulse as one of his most desired products for Christmas 2017.

Placing it alongside the iPhone X, Nintendo Switch and more, Andrew called the Pulse a “perfect argument” for the belief that electric bikes may soon transform the way people navigate their cities.

He went on to describe our hybrid e-bike as a “beautiful execution of that idea,” as well as “a powerful, well-engineered, high quality way to get around town.”

The bike features a battery and a motor that can help you out when needed, making light work of climbing hills and giving the option for incredibly speedy starts,” he wrote.

Check out his full take on the Pulse here.