Volt Pulse is one of the best e-bikes to buy in 2020 for Pocket-Lint

BLOG   press   Volt Pulse is one of the best e-bikes to buy in 2020 for Pocket-Lint

Pocket-Lint Volt Pulse Buyers Guide 2020

We’re still quite early in the year, so we couldn’t be more excited to see Pocket-Lint select the Volt Pulse as one of the best electric bikes to buy in 2020. 

In the annual best electric bike guide edition, Pocket-Lint’s Max Freeman-Mills highlights the Pulse for costing half that of a similar ebike, while at the same time being “a far more straightforward-looking bike”. 

it will make a great companion

Max also points out how, thanks to the 80-mile XL battery and the suspension, “there’s a lot going for the Volt”. The Pulse is also the only e-bike on the list that will allow you to switch between road and light off-road trails. 

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The Pulse has always been a flagship ebike for Volt. Popular with customers, journalists and reviewers alike. The 2020 version of this bestseller builds on its reputation for innovation, performance and ease of use. Don’t just take our word for it though. Book a test ride today.  

Pocket Lint Volt Pulse Buyers Guide
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