Volt Regent Review & Riding the E-bike Wave in the Evening Standard

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Volt Regent in the park

“The Stylish Bike for City Rides & Weekend Jaunts”

Another Volt electric bike review and this time it’s the turn of the Volt Regent. The Evening Standard’s Amelia Heathman took to the streets of London to test it out.  It’s a brilliant, comprehensive review that goes into great detail and even mentions our online virtual assistant (our web elves will be happy!). 

The article also highlights the recent wave in e-biking across London and the UK. The spike in demand has led to major shortages and long waiting lists across the country, something that Amelia Heathman also highlights in her Evening Standard piece.  The challenge of meeting demand since and during the pandemic is something that Volt have been striving to deliver on daily. Expanding our workforce and establishing a new factory have gone a long way to help, yet the 300% increase in orders makes waiting lists for many models inevitable.  

For more up-to-date details, preorders and waiting times on the rest of our ebike range the best thing to do is call our team on 020 7378 4728.

Read the full Regent Review here