A New Volt Video Just Landed (No Sweat)! 

BLOG   video   A New Volt Video Just Landed (No Sweat)! 

A brand new Volt Electric Bike video just landed and its message couldn’t be more timely…

Ride Your Route Sweat Free 

While the video offers a glimpse at most of Volt’s diverse e-bike range it’s the best sellers the Pulse and Metro open and close this particular overture. 

Focussing on a message of freedom that e-bikes can offer couldn’t be more timely as both commuters and leisure travellers face a summer of transport woes! 

Planes, trains and automobiles!

As the press-dubbed “Summer of Discontent” hottens up again, reliable modes of transport are becoming more and more pressing to UK commuters and leisure seekers alike. This week saw yet further headaches for train users as 40,000 rail workers walked out over the unresolved pay and conditions dispute. Just one in four trains were able to run with some areas unable to provide any trains at all. The public transport woes don’t stop there though, with further planned rail strikes on the 30th July, 13th 18th and 20th August and a separate London Underground strike on the 19th August.

Unprecedented queues at airports and ferry terminals, union action across nearly all travel sectors and right now cars are far from an appealing proposition either. As petrol reached a new record high in July, costing 191.5p per litre and diesel in some areas exceeding £2, the AA revealed nearly two thirds of drivers  had to cut back as a result of rising fuel costs

The Age of The E-bike Has Arrived

In many countries, e-bikes were seen as the perfect alternative mode of transport from day one. Other countries were a little slower on the uptake. Since the pandemic though, coupled with rising travel costs in both terms of money and time; the choice to enjoy the freedom of the road and arrive (if you wish) sweat-free on an ebike has never made more sense than today…