New E-bike 10 Years in the Making

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Volt London E-bike Design featuring built-in battery technology

Towards the end of last year marked Volt’s ten year anniversary and while the celebration plans were put on hold, behind the scenes we pushed on with our exciting plans to mark our fabulous decade in business! 

The Volt London and More Developments Arriving in 2021 

From the moment Volt E-Bikes were conceived the mantra has always been to develop great looking bikes with the best functionality and technology available at the best possible price. In the ten years we’ve been manufacturing and selling ebikes our industry and market have seen meteoric changes. 

We are a brand that takes pride in being at the forefront of e-bike development in the UK. Last year we founded our new Milton Keynes based factory, this year we are really excited to announce our latest game-changing model, the London electric bike, which will be available to pre-order soon! 

Volt London E-bike Design featuring built-in battery technology

Volt London a Ground-breaking E-bike with Integrated Battery

The London will be our newest flagship model, featuring the latest technology and providing riders with the most intuitive pedal-assisted cycling experience yet. Featuring a smart integrated battery system that will deliver up to 60 miles of cycling on one charge and the latest torque sensor tech inside the pedals with a Single Speed gear which enables personalised, dynamic pedalling throughout.

Traditionally e-bikes with built-in batteries have often struggled to deliver the distances many commuters and leisure riders demanded. Our new battery and motor technology developed in partnership with Bafang and designed specifically for the London means riders can now enjoy a slicker, more streamlined looking ebike that also offers superior performance and durability. 

This groundbreaking ebike will be available to Pre-Order soon and is scheduled to hit the streets sometime in the Summer. Stay tuned for this and more exciting announcements coming soon – Sneak Peek below!