Bike Biz Magazine Talk E-bikes in the UK with VOLT™ Director

BLOG   volt news   Bike Biz Magazine Talk E-bikes in the UK with VOLT™ Director

Last week BikeBiz editor Jonathon Harker sat down with the Director of VOLT™ to discuss the British electric bike market.

One of the questions discussed was “What has been the most significant change in the e-bike industry?”.

The director of VOLT™ sighted a number of changes that have led to the recent rise in the popularity of the electric bike. One of the more significant changes is the attitudes within the industry. More and more conventional bike dealers are embracing the increased demand for electric bikes, with some shops promoting them predominantly!

Historically these traditional shops would shy away from the new pedelecs. Now you can find many stores where premium e-bikes stand shoulder to shoulder with their pushbike counterparts.

As far as the technological reasoning for their popularity; Shimano into the industry generated a lot of buzz and excitement within the community. According to the director of VOLT™  Shimano has become the strongest high-end motor contender. That is the reason that Lyle chose to partner with the heavy-weight and launch the  VOLT™ Infinity featuring Shimano Steps.

“As always we continue to push forward the boundaries of technology”  –  Lyle Metcalfe 

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