Good Luck Bart and Welcome Carl – Juiced Up Bikes Changes Hands

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Juiced Up Bikes Changes Hands

After making an incredible success of his e-bike business, Juiced Up Bikes owner Bart Spicer has handed over the reins to new owner Carlton Smith. Journalist Michael Crossland picked up the story this week for the Halifax Courier.

78 Year Old  Entrepreneur Sells E-bike Company to an Impressed Customer 

Anyone who read the Juiced Up Bikes’ Dealer Spotlight last year won’t be surprised at the success army veteran Bart Spicer has enjoyed with his ebike rental company. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have his doubters at first though, as the Halifax Courier reports, his business idea was initially met with “disbelief” from friends and family. “They were incredulous” Bart added. 

However, a grand success it has been indeed and the Volt team have loved every minute we’ve worked with Bart. Having set up the business at the age of 75, in just two and half years, he’s seen his business grow bigger than he could have dreamt of. 

On dealing with Volt, Mr Spicer added… 

I’m so glad I chose Volt, because they’re a fantastic company and really do produce high-quality, electric bikes.

We’ve always been in awe at the energy levels and enthusiasm that Bart has for his bikes, cycling and life in general. As he steps back into an advisory role and allows the new owner to take the helm, this will allow Bart more time to spend with his partner of 37 years. At a sprightly 78, we’re sure it won’t be long before we’re hearing of some new venture though! 

We are also really excited to continue to grow our partnership with the new owner Carlton Smith who has taken over the business after initially renting some e-bikes for him and his family and we look forward to sharing more news as he takes the business on the next step of its journey. You can read the article in full on the Halifax Courier website.