Be seen on your VOLT™ e-bike this Autumn

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Last weekend the clocks went back and here in the UK we’re preparing for those commutes that begin and end in darkness :( . But it doesn’t have to be as gloomy as it sounds.

We’ve been looking at some cool products that will not only make sure you’re seen (and safe) on an electric bike but will also brighten up your day!

Cycle Safe, Cycle Visible

All VOLT™ bikes come with high powered LED lights which are powered by the bike battery and are maintenance free. When it comes to cycling on the road, we think cyclists should make themselves as visible as possible. Here’s some of our favourite accessories to make sure you get seen.

Our Top 5 Hi Vis Cycle Accessories

1. Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket

If you thought hi vis jackets were all about vibrant oranges and loud yellows, think again. This jacket is not just revolutionizing cycle safety clothing, it’s making it fashionable!

It’s the first ever jacket to made up of 100% reflective material on the outer shell. During the day, this lightweight waterproof jacket looks like a matte grey overcoat, at night it becomes highly reflective and extremely visible. Designed with the cycling enthusiast in mind the Proviz REFLECT360 is well ventilated and has well placed pockets for storing items like maps.

The Proviz REFLECT360 is available at Proviz

2. I-SHOTS™ Reflective Stickers

i-shot reflective stickers

These highly reflective stickers are great for customising you bike, bag, cycle helmet or clothing. You can get them in 5 different cutout shapes and can be easily stuck to both hard surfaces and soft fabrics. Not only are they brilliant at increasing visibility, we think they’re pretty good fun too!

Buy I-SHOTS™ Reflective Stickers from Respro

3. Respro Reflective Hump Bag Cover

Respro Reflective Hump bag cover

You wont fail to be seen with this highly reflective bag cover. The popular and waterproof bag cover fits over your existing bag and is fastened to it through the waist. The cover also features elastic binding to ensure there’s no flapping about as you cycle.

The Respro Reflective Hump Bag Cover is available at Respro

4. Fibre Flare Bike Lights

Fibre optic LED lights that can be bent into various shapes and can be attached to pretty much anything. What’s not to like?! These unique lights can be seen from up to 300 metres and come in a variety of colours.

You can buy Fibre Flare lights from the Fibre Flare website

5. Neonight Helmet Lights

neonight helmet light

Cool looking lights that don’t need batteries.The Neonight lights attach to your helmet using an easy to implement magnetic bracket system. The lights automatically switch off when you remove the lights from the bracket and can be charged using a USB so there’s no battery changes needed.

Neonight helmet lights available from Neonight site