2023 – Preparing for the Year Ahead with Volt E-bikes

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Volt London in Chinatown

How is it STILL January?!

As the first month of the year always seems to drag on, we thought we’d take a look at some things to help push you through to the end of this loooong month.

With the cost of living being at an all-time high, the decision to take up that gym membership may have taken a back seat this January, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on improving your fitness. Getting on a Volt e-bike not only saves you money but will also support your physical and mental wellbeing.

And for all those sceptics and hecklers shouting at their screens “e-bikes are cheating” 🥱 – we recommend you take a look at our ‘Is an Electric Bike Really Healthier than a Normal Bicycle?’ post. If you’re short on time, the quick answer is Yes, e-bikes, in the right circumstances are healthier than conventional cycles.

Why not cycle to work?

Now with a big push from the Government to invest in Active Travel and cycling infrastructure, riding is being made easier and more affordable than ever.

You may have heard of the Cycle to Work Scheme, the scheme is a tax-free, salary sacrifice benefit, offered through employers that can make you save from 26% to 40% off the price of an ebike (Department for Transport). If you live in Scotland, there is also some great help to be found from the Energy Saving Trust, which consists of an interest-free loan for individuals to repay over 4 years. (Transport Scotland)

SO FINALLY! You’ve signed up for your Cycle to Work Scheme and bought your beautiful and shiny new Volt ebike! But there is the little voice in your head whispering… But is it safe to cycle? Plus it’s so SO cold to go out in the winter… And what about those creepy, dark nights (ok afternoons) cycling on your own…

Cycling in Winter ‘23

By Lucy in Edinburgh

All the gear and no idea worries!

We have prepared a little checklist for you to be prepared and, most importantly, to have the most of FUN!

Ok so firstly, you don’t need to pile up every single jumper you have on top of you, it might work for a fashion statement in London, Vivienne Westwood style (RIP) but won’t be very comfy for your cycling. The secret is about wearing the right layers… There are 2 breathable materials to consider: merino or synthetic. Without getting too technical, a Merino wool base layer will absorb your sweat and keep you warm OR a synthetic layer will transfer the heat and sweat through. The second layer then needs to be warm like a jumper or a fleece. Then depending on the weather outside, you want to top that up with either a shell to protect you from the wind/rain or just your everyday coat/jacket.

Think about your body’s extremities like your feet, your hands and your head. Keep them all toasty in a windproof pair of gloves and the pair of socks gifted to you by your nan for Christmas!

Now it’s getting serious, you’re closer to the door and YES, you do not forget your helmet! What would you do without your head? Well, it needs great protection so we’ve teamed up with Dashel Helmets who makes them in Cornwall. So not only do they look great but they also have details like a vegan leather carry loop at the back to clip on lights for extra visibility on the road.

Bike Lights = Happy Cyclists (and less angry road users)

What’s the difference between a rider in a misty grey day in a dark outfit with no lights but reflectors* OR a rider in high vis and several bike lights at night? You’re getting the point… All Volt E-bikes (apart from our e-mtb) come with fitted lights as standard AND a hi-vis vest in your goody bag with your new bike purchase. *The story of lights and reflectors is kindly explained by our dealer shop Pedal Back Cycling here, choose LIFE, I mean always choose lights, not reflectors…

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

And you’re off! With fitness goals, style, money-saving tips and safety covered, your brain is at peace and it’s now time to have fun. Enjoy the freedom of cycling without worrying about those hills, the cold or the dark, you’re riding and life is bliss. Cycling in the countryside or in the city, the childhood memories of riding a bike and the rush of endorphins are kicking in! What about calling a friend to join in the fun or take some pictures to send to the Volt Team and make their day in the office!

If you’re feeling like you’re missing out on the fun of a Volt E-bike, take a look at our 2023 Electric Bike range here and arrange a free test ride today.