Is an Electric Bike Really Healthier than a Normal Bicycle?

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Is an Electric Bike Really Healthier than a Normal Bicycle?

From Volt’s inception, we’ve known the huge benefits that e-bikes have to offer. For someone new to the idea however, it’s understandable that the notion of an e-bike being healthier than a conventional one might be met with some scepticism. But it’s true and now more and more people are realising the true health potentials that we’ve known all along. 

5 Reasons Why E-Bikes Beat Normal Bikes for your Health

1) Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” – Carol Welch

From eighteen to eighty, we all lead busy, hectic lives. It seems increasingly harder to find the time for exercise. The most important step to living a healthier life is the first one. E-bikes can be a powerful way to help people make that first step to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

While adjustable pedal assistance can help remove the fear factor of getting moving, it’s the fun factor that keeps you coming back for more!

With adjustable levels of power assist (including zero assistance), riding means you can take it as easy or as hard as you like. The key thing is you’re out and about!

2)Heart Rate Monitor Records Prove That You Burn Almost as Many Calories on an Electric Bike as on a Regular Bike” –

In a world full of conjecture and jargon, it’s always refreshing when the science does the talking. The quote above is from a post exploring calorie burn while using an electric bike. Data from engineer, e-biker and heart attack survivor Ron Wensal revealed he still burnt 80% of the calories he would on a conventional bike.

So riding with electrical assistance resulted in burning only 20% less calories.

But how is that healthier than a non-motorised cycle, when it’s still 20% less? Well, health is more than just burning carbs. Ron’s e-bike allowed him to achieve 80% of the fitness benefits without putting excessive strain on his heart. You can read more details on this motivating story on 

3) Cycling Four Miles a Day Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease by 50%

With stats like this from Purdue University, a daily four-mile cycle ride is something we should all seriously consider. But like in the example above, we need to also think carefully about the strain we put on our bodies.

It’s not just in cases of people with heart conditions, over time joints and muscles start to feel the strain too. Having that little bit of assistance to get moving or tackle a fierce hill can make all the difference to keep you active without jeopardizing your body’s long term manoeuvrability.

4) A Better Investment  for your Fitness

In 2017 the Mirror reported how Brits were wasting £558 million in unused gym memberships  ( A paper published in June this year revealed that not only do ebikers cycle further than conventional cyclists (8km vs 5.3km) but they did so more regularly…  

“E-bikers that substituted a main transport mode still reported significantly more frequent use of this particular transport mode than the other groups.” – 

The fact that electric bike users are more likely to stay active, means that when you buy an e-bike for your fitness you’re more likely to benefit from your investment.

5) The Growing Global Consensus 

As pedal-assisted transport grows in popularity, more and more research papers and articles come to the fore. So don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of these compelling articles on the health benefits of e-bikes… *

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Can you really get fit on an electric bike?

Now you’ve read theory why not experience the fun to be had keeping active yourself? Get in touch today to book a free test ride.